About Our CEO

Rhonesha Howerton carries various hats in the entrepreneur lifestyle. She currently serves as the Owner and CEO of Credit Medics, LLC, Co-Founder of Go Get Crowned and Co-Owner of ‘Get Well Urgent Care’ medical facility.

Howerton’s hometown, Philadelphia, prepared her for the position she’s holding today. She has always been inspired by people who have a story, coming from poverty stricken neighborhoods and escaped the statistics. These acts have influenced Howerton to become a motivational speaker, telling her story in various areas. In addition to motivational speaking, Howerton also serves as a small business and finance coach for clients in the Tri-State area and Atlanta, GA. She has been in the credit repair and finance business for several years.

Howerton’s passion is helping and educating others so they’re able to gain financial stability and growth. Her goal for current/prospective clients is to transform them financially and make great financial investments in the future to enhance their lives. Howerton has helped thousands of clients become first time home buyers, purchase a new car, expand and start their business and also be able to make purchases with low interest options.

Clients compliment Howerton consistently on her quality service, how knowledgeable Credit Medics is and the amazing results. Howerton teaches her clients to take over their credit, finances and how to get themselves out of debt. Howerton has assisted individuals from all over to accomplish their dreams and continues to achieve hers daily.

Tyra Baruti, MBA

Credit Medics Atlanta, LLC

Credit Educator, Specialist & Motivational Speaker

Tyra Baruti is a credit educator and specialist on credit reporting, credit scoring and identity theft and an active member of the Credit Consultants Association. She owns and operates Credit Medics Atlanta, LLC, and has over 16 years of experience in the collections, debt buying, and the consumer credit industry.

She has worked as a paralegal for over five years assisting and managing a practice that focused on the areas of Georgia State and Federal Laws affecting consumer debt collection and other consumer issues.

Ms. Baruti is a frequent speaker throughout Georgia and Pennsylvania regarding debt collection defense issues and credit education. She has spoken at Temple University several times in regards to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations.

She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and graduated top of her class receiving several awards like the Honor Society Outstanding Scholarship Award. She is passionate about education, and has a different approach to credit repairing. She provides her clients with the education and tools needed to get out of debt and STAY out of debt. She has helped over one thousand families purchase their first home, buy their first car, and start their first business. Her experience and expertise allows her to help her clients with credit restoration and getting loan ready.